About Us

Beauté Ultrasonic is the 1st Hair Repair Iron in the world. We create a revolutionary state of the art technology with our 2 patents: Ultrasonic magnetic vibrations and 14 Infrared lights.

The Ultrasonic plate produce 36,000 magnetic vibrations that gasify the water and your favorite permanent color, hair mask or keratin treatment that penetrate in the hair cortex helping to repair your hair molecular structure. When you close the Infrared plate, 14 lights produces a new amino bonds, rejuvenating and renewing hair elasticity as well as sealing your hair cuticle under normal temperature. Beauté Ultrasonic doesn't produce heat in both plates. NO Heat, NO Damage.

We are located in Beverly Hills, California for worldwide commercialization, supported with high tech research and manufactured under strict standards for Beauté Ultrasonic in Hong Kong since 2010. Used in the most exclusive Beauty Salons and SPAs in the world.


Joel Espinoza

CEO & President




Beaute Ultrasonic

9107 Wilshire Blvd Suite 450 - Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Office 1 (800) 890-9979