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In the competitive hair beauty industry Beauté Ultrasonic offers a unique hair tool and real concept: The 1st Hair Repair Iron in the World. With 2 patented technologies ULTRASONIC (36,000 magnetic vibrations per second) and INFRARED (14 professional lights) with real benefits and solutions for any kind of damaged hair.

The 5 NEW Hair Benefits are:


*Hydrates any Kind of Damages Hair

*Seals all American & Brazilian Keratins

*Locks & Intensifies any Hair Color

*Repairs 100% Human Hair Extensions

*Applies any Brand Hair Treatment


All of those benefits without producing heat in both plates: NO HEAT, NO DAMAGE. Remember, Beauté Ultrasonic is the real alternative for 90% of damaged hairs. Professional Use.


By the way, in the professional shows and international expos Beauté Ultrasonic has been present at ISSE Long Beach, IBS New York, ABS Chicago, PREMIER Orlando and COSMOPROF Las Vegas. In the international arena, ABA Toronto, EBS México, MCB Paris, HAIR Brasil, COSMOPROF Bologna, HAIR & STYLE MANAGEMENT Stuggart, SALON LOOK Madrid, SALON INTERNATIONAL London, BEAUTY WORLD Dubai and INTERCHARM Moscow.

Also on february 24-26, 2011 Beauté Ultrasonic was the official hair tool company in the Oscars event of the 83th Academy Awards celebrated in the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Finally, Beauté Ultrasonic have been received 3 professionals awards for achievements in Technology Innovation by Beauty LaunchPad, DaySPA, and Beauty Store Business Magazine.


Therefore, if you want to be part of Beauté Ultrasonic distributorship in your state or country, we offer you 2 types of distribution: Authorized & Exclusive. In both we offer you a profitable 67% to 100% with a minimum order of 1 box (25 units) to start. Please click here to download our Distributor Application Form, fill out and send back to after the application is processed in 24 hours, we send you our Beauté Ultrasonic - Distributor Price & List Price 2012.


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Joel Espinoza

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Beauté Ultrasonic

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